The NO1 Fashion Boutique is a Fashion boutique in the UK which aims to provide The Fashion Conscious crowd with affordable fashion. We have outlets in the UK and Online.

Company Overview

Every young woman wants to be a Fashionista, wearing the latest trends from the modern to ethnic and funky to chic. Founded in 1992 The NO1 Fashion Boutique visioned to cater for women from all walks of life, providing a diverse range of perfect outfits for all occasions, yet being affordable to the the ladies with a budget. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive and being a Fashionista doesn’t either which is why HM ethos is to cater for everyone. The NO1 Fashion Boutique is now a house hold name in the UK with three outlets and an online store to add to its belt. We have now entered the UK and aim to globalise our brand. We welcome you to our world.